Patch Notes


We have added a sword into the game which costs 100 coins to purchase. There are no durability or ammo costs and has scaling damage (base 50). The sword requires skill to use and has a damage multiplier based upon the number of combo hits that you achieve (up to 2x multiplier is available for 10 or more hits).


We have added a new Coin Generator tower to the game which can be upgraded to level 3. This tower will generate coins for the player which will automatically go into the players inventory every 60 seconds. The level upgrades are as follows:

Level 1: 10 coins/min (cost: 50)
Level 2: 40 coins/min (upgrade cost: 150)
Level 3: 86 coins/min (upgrade cost: 230)

We are excited to see how players will use this new turret to get further than before and beat some of those top scores on the leader boards. Please let us know what you think on the Steam discussion boards.


After 5 years of development, we are finally at a stage where we can prepare AegisM for sale and open up feedback to the masses! We now have a store page live on Steam where you can add the game to your wishlist and get notified as soon as AegisM is on sale! You can also discuss the game and provide suggestions with what you would like to see in the game once the full release is live. Now it's down to you guys to shape the future of our game.


Today saw the release of an update which addresses performance issues and contains bug fixes for Steam portrait pictures. The resolution of the coin graphic has also been increased so they look a lot better on smaller bigger screens!